The Well Fed Neighbor Alliance is a Springfield-based, not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping you — and your Ozarks neighbors — enjoy sustainable prosperity through regional self-reliance. We support Southwest Missouri communities in producing and distributing local food.

Kansas City co-op Good Natured Farms offers a successful model for local food.

Local food begins with you!

Roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and help the Well Fed Neighbor Alliance plant the seeds of positive change! Here’s three ways to start now.

1. Learn More

Explore our education section to learn more about how buying local food minimizes energy dependency, enhances food security, and strengthens your local economy.

2. Buy Local

Local food = local jobs! Buying local food strengthens your local economy and helps put money back in your own pocket. Check out these local producers, restaurants, grocers and more.

3. Get Involved

Learn about programs that support locally grown food, like Moms for Local Food and the 1,000 Gardens Project.

Take part in local food events like the Annual Food Summit, the 5k Trail Run, and the Annual Well Fed Neighbor Alliance Picnic.

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